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CLA Policy – Indigenous Rights

CLA Policy – Indigenous Rights

Indigenous Australians must have the same rights and equal access to justice as other Australians, and should receive additional help from society until their health and societal statistics match those of non-Indigenous Australians.

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  1. Hello

    What is your definition of indigenous Australian, my family are born in Australia we lay claim to no other country on this planet, are we not indigenous Australians as well?

    Should we not have the same rights as any other indigenous Australian REGARDLESS OF COLOUR!

    Or is your concern only for black indigenous Australians? As though they magically have some more valid clai to the resources of this country. I am sorry white Australians re constantly told times have changed we are now multicultural deal with it, does this not apply to black indigenous Australians as well?

    My concern is black Australians are allowed to hunt on massive swathes of land across this continent with easily accessible (for them) large calibre firearms, with no hunting seasons or species limits such as yabbies, they are free to provide food from the environment for their families using firearms, motorised boats and 4WDs for so called “traditional” hunting!

    I am sorry why cant white Australians do the same? Did not our ancestors hunt on this land in fact I would say they traditionally used these tools not black australians. Why cannot I hunt on this land over the continent to feed my family simply because I am WHITE!

    Regardless how this is wrapped the bottom line is this a white Australian child does not have access to the same privileges as a black Australian child please tell me how this is not discrimination?

    I personally feel belittled, shamed why should we have to beg to hunt food because I am white? We may not have the money to buy what we need but I have to belittled and humiliated to even say such a thing to justify what ALL humans have historically done that is to hunt.

    The laws are dividing this land, if there is some magical “thing” called white privilege please advise me where I can get some to feed my family for free from, I come from an all but i poverished disadvantaged background as well.

    Kind Regards
    Steve Green

    Steve Green

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