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Aborigines: resilience, courage and humour

Aborigines: resilience, courage and humour

Uncle_CharlesWhite Australia responds to Aborigines’ resilience, courage and humour with ignorance, arrogance and entrenched disadvantage. We have much to learn, writes Dr Des Griffin after a new report.

As the lights go down at the Belvoir Theatre, an elderly man with a wonderful white beard leads other actors in a recalled presentation to a Royal Commission.

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  1. Clarification is offered in respect of the two plays mentioned at the beginning of this article:

    The Play Coranderrk was written by Andrea James and Giordano Nanni based on a concept by Giordano Nanni, a Belvoir and Ilbjjerri Theatre Company co-production.

    Beautiful One Day is a play about the life and times of Palm Island and centres on the death of Mulrunji Doomadgee. It was developed by Belvoir, Ilbijerri and version 1.0 theatre companies.

    Both plays were presented at Belvoir Theatre in Surry Hills, Sydney. Further details are available in media releases of Belvoir.

    Des Griffin

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