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Airport scanning: body radiated, freedom lost

Airport scanning: body radiated, freedom lost

Bruno Marevich, a senior naturopath whose entire life is concern for health, was shocked at Gold Coast airport to be suddenly forced to undergo full body scanning and radiation exposure…under threat of instant detention, a fine, possibly jail and then a criminal record if he refused to submit to the new government dictate.

UPDATE: Open letter to the Minister

Airport scanning: your body radiated, freedom of choice lost

Bruno Marevich, a senior naturopath whose entire life is concern for health, received a shocking ‘welcome home and happy new year’ from his own Australian Government on 4 January. Transiting Gold Coast airport, he was suddenly forced to undergo full body scanning and radiation exposure…under the threat of instant detention, being fined, possibly jailed and then saddled with a criminal record affecting his right to work and be a director of his own company and professional association.

Here is his cautionary tale for other travelers… and plea for civil liberties to be restored.

The issue

  1. On Wednesday 19th December 2012 my wife, my son Daniel and I flew out of Sydney domestic terminal to Osaka, Japan, with a stop to change planes at the Gold Coast International Airport, for what turned out to be an end of year break consisting of two weeks of very pleasant skiing and sightseeing.
  2. Our return flight, JQ20 departed OSAKA at 8.50pm Thursday, 3rd of January 2013 and landed at the Gold Coast International Airport at approximately 7.00am  Friday 4th January where we were to board our connecting flight to Sydney at 8.50 that morning.
  3. The process of getting onto the Sydney flight required that we queue up to x-ray the on board carry luggage which we had with us on the flight we just got off from.
  4.  Whilst queuing, we noticed to our surprise that they had installed a body scanning machine next to the x-ray station and every second or third person in the queue was being asked to go through it. We were obviously aware from the news that these had been installed and trial runs were being carried out at some major Airports, but did not know that they had been brought into full operation since or just before our departure from Sydney.

We had seen these scanners several times before, during trips to the United States in the past – my family and myself were asked to undergo body scanning on two or three previous occasions, which we refused.

Choice in the USA

We opted for a pat-down instead which, whilst somewhat uncomfortable and definitely a breach of personal privacy, at least may have helped us avoid any health risks associated with body scanning radiation technology.  This is considered by myself and many others to be as yet largely unproven technology from a health and medical aspect, potentially capable of creating long term health risks which may only become obvious after many years and the body scanning of millions of unsuspecting passengers.

The history of medicine and technology are riddled with such examples of drugs and devices which were at first hailed as highly beneficial as well as safe and harmless despite limited experience with their use and which were later recalled and scrapped, normally after having left countless deaths and illnesses with the unsuspecting public. The only sin they had committed which they were being chastised for was blindly accepting the reassurances given by those they had they right to consider as expert, knowledgeable and with the public’s best interest at heart.

  1. When we finally made it to the x-ray machine, I was asked to step to the side and walk into the body scanner chamber by a lady attendant whose job was to pick the next person dropping their carry-on luggage on the x-ray conveyor belt .
  2. I politely refused.
  3. She asked me why and my reply was that I did not wish to risk my health which I spent a lifetime looking after by undergoing a potentially hazardous exposure to radiation which effects are as yet unknown. I also told her that I was a Naturopath and it went against my morals and professional ethics to undergo a procedure which I would normally advise to my patients to avoid if at all possible.
  4. She replied that the radiation emitted by these body scanners is completely safe and much less than I would be exposed through my mobile phone or on a long flight.
  5. My response was that I appreciated she had been instructed that these devices were safe but that in fact this could not be proven as the technology had not as yet been tested and evaluated on a large scale over a long period of time.
  6. I requested for a pat-down instead, just as we have on previous occasions in the US, not as yet aware that this was not an option in Australia.
  7. She requested again that I enter the body scanning machine and in response I asked to see and talk with her supervisor instead.
  8. The supervisor was standing nearby and I suspect at this stage must have heard most of the conversation, which despite being calm and civilized, was holding up the queue behind us and generating some interest with passengers and airport staff alike.

No choice in Australia

  1. In a reasonably polite manner, he told me that I had no option but to go through the body scanner unless I had a medical condition which prevented me from doing so. “Had you told me you had a medical condition I would have let you pass. You can’t change your mind now”
  2. My reply was that I did not have any known medical conditions but that my decision not to be scanned was nevertheless a medical one on the grounds of prevention. I stated again that I was prepared to be patted down and if necessary I would even remove my clothes entirely in order to avoid being scanned. My wife at this stage reiterated our feelings and principles to the Airport staff who were all gathered around and that I was prepared to allow a full body search if necessary. They must have been knowledgeable authorities on the matter of health and radiation as they all guaranteed my worried wife that the procedure was completely harmless.

Threat of no-fly, detention, fines, imprisonment, criminal record

  1. He replied that if I refused to be scanned, I could not fly on that day. That I would be detained at the airport and given 24 hours within which to reconsider. If at the end of that, I still refused to be scanned, that they would call the Federal Police. He warned me that this may entail charges, fines and imprisonment which may last a day or even one week or more as well as a future criminal record.
  2. I requested to speak to a higher authority at the airport and was told that at that hour of the morning there was no one with more authority that I could talk to than him.
  3. I then requested for evidence in writing that what he has saying was the correct policy and procedure for handling people refusing to be body scanned.
  4. I was shown letters bound in plastic sleeves with the Australian Government letterhead which I read. They basically stated that the radiation produced by these body scanners was safe (although for someone used to reading and critically appraising scientific writings this meant very little as this paper was obviously intended for the lay person and did not have any references of evidence to back up any of those claims). The document also appeared to fully back up the procedure for dealing with refusers as had been explained to me by the supervisor, ie detention followed by police charges.
  5. The supervisor then warned me that I had already refused twice to undergo the scanning. That he would now ask for a third and final time for my decision which I had to provide in a minute or so and which he was obliged to do. He prompted me to think very seriously about my reply as if I still refused, the next step was for me to be immediately detained.
  6. Despite there being no doubt in my mind that it was wrong for me to undergo the body scan from a principle, moral, ethical and health point of view, against my better judgment, I conceded.

Threats extend to my patients next day, my future ability to work

  1. I had to quickly consider several issues in those few seconds given to me to provide a final answer: the travel disruption for my family, the prospect of being taken away in front of everyone and treated as a terrorist or a common criminal, the effects that potential charges and perhaps imprisonment may have on my long list of patients already relying to see me and seek treatment and relief from their health problems in my clinic from as early as tomorrow morning as well as what this may do to my reputation and perhaps my ability to practice in the future with a criminal record. Big and important considerations.
  2.  I stepped into the machine and as the scanner flicked in front of me as a windscreen wiper on a car’s weather shield irradiating every part of my body with radiation from head to toe. I never wanted for that to happen,

Sickened, abused, angry

I felt sickened, abused and perhaps most importantly angry. Not angry at the Airport staff who don’t really know the effects of what they are doing and are only carrying out to the best of their ability what they are being paid to do, but at myself.

Having been a staunch individualist most of my life, a great believer in self-determination, personal freedom and in supporting everyone’s God given right of choice as long as it does not harm others, I felt I had compromised my deeply held principles. This had not been helped by having to decide after a long sleepless flight, tiredness, confusion and perhaps the deeply ingrained desire in all us to be civil and not go against rules or make life difficult for others. These are the personal moral issues which myself and my family are now left to deal with.

Scan produces false reading: pat-down is needed

The scan by the way produced a false reading, showing some kind of object attached to my right thigh. This required a pat down by the scanner’s operator of that area of my body after all to clearly determine beyond any doubt that there was nothing there, that it was a false reading and alas I was not a terrorist.

  1. Immediately after that they decided to do an explosives testing on my wife. The security staff tried three (3) times and kept on getting wrong or inconclusive readings. He eventually gave up and let her through.  
  2. We have another overseas trip scheduled in 5 weeks time for which we have booked and paid some six months ago. Who would risk getting scanned a second time or worse still, see their wife or child being forced to do it at the risk of imprisonment?
  3. Also important, from a health prospective, no one really knows the complete and full effects of this type of energy irradiating our entire body.
  4. It is well accepted in natural medicine such as acupuncture, homeopathy, traditional eastern medicine and with some current day scientists too that any kind of radiation, even in very small quantities, can have significant health repercussions on the bio-energy patterns of our bodies. For example, homeopathy works on the basis that the weaker the homoeopathic medication, the stronger its effects. That is why a homoeopathic medicine is diluted to the extent that only an electronic imprint or a vibration of the original herb or component now remains in the basic fluid of the medicine.

Whilst criticized by some, thousands of medical doctors all over the world constantly use homoeopathic medicine day in and day out on their patients to resolve issues that in their opinion this very low grade vibrational force can fix better than massive dosage of drugs in some cases.  Therefore we should not feel safe and comfortable simply because this device emits ten thousand times less radiation than a mobile phone. It is the frequency of the radiation and how that interferes with our various bodies frequencies at atomic and sub-atomic level which we should be probably worried about and of which we know very little of for sure.

Largely ignorant of radiation effects on the body

All our cells are made up by atomic and sub-atomic particles which science and quantum physics are still discovering. These particles are in constant vibration creating intra-particle relationships which structure our cells, our bodies, our biochemistry and thus our personality…and finally who we are. Interferences in these fields by radiating our entire body, even though considered non penetrating and superficial, could have a multitude of effects on these vibrating particles and thus our body atomic, molecular and cellular and genetic structure. Humans are an ever evolving creation resonating through the perfection of the universe and nature and as much as we think we know, we are largely ignorant of the yet to be discovered roles and purposes of our genes and chromosomes for our future development as a species.

Does the systemic head to toe saturation of foreign particles on people through the airports of the world sound like something we would wish or allow for our children and future generations, simply for the doubtful and unproven value they may have for our security? Are there no other ways of ensuring the travelers’ safety than to radiate every decent, law abiding person, creating yet to be discovered serious problems and loss of personal freedom?

Security is without any doubt an important matter that needs to be taken very seriously but so are our hard fought and slowly gotten civil and personal rights. While I would sincerely advise everyone against body scanning, some will listen and others will not.

The bare minimum should be the option of a pat-down search

I wish to share my experience with as many people as possible in the hope that it may save someone else from having to experience what my family and I went through. I also feel very strongly that we should all expect the Australian Government, as a very minimum, to allow the travelling public the option of being patted-down which is offered as a choice in other parts of the world.

If this does not happen then, those who do not agree with undergoing full body scanning will essentially be imprisoned in Australia, and unable to travel to other countries for pleasure, business or family reasons without running the risk of being turned into criminals. Travelers from other countries coming into and leaving Australia may also be detained or forced to undergo a scanning which many people overseas already object to but are given a choice about in their home country.

There is no choice for this in Australia. Is this the impression of Australia we wish to give to those wanting to visit us? Is this the type of country we want Australia to become? Are we prepared to allow our elected public servants to do this to us? Do you trust their ability of deciding correctly on such a difficult scientific matter which is capable of potentially horrendous consequences?

Personally, my answers are no and intend to actively do all I can to prevent this from happening and maintain our natural rights and civil liberties as well as our freedom of health choice.

My background

My name is Bruno Marevich, 58 years of age,  am a Naturopath by profession and work together with my wife Henriette (we celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary whilst in Japan) out of our clinic in Castle Hill, NSW. We own the premises of the Castle Hill clinic where we have been since 2001. For many years before that, we owned a very busy naturopathic practice in Macquarie Street, Sydney.

We have a 28 year old son Daniel who lives with us and works at Westmead Hospital as a nurse and a 31 year old daughter Ann who is now married and is a dentist working out of her own clinic.

In my career I have served for many years on the board of directors of the Complementary Medicine Association (CMA) where I have represented qualified Australian Naturopathic practitioners to health insurance companies, the Australian Government and tertiary educational bodies.

What I personally believe to be my most important contribution to the natural and preventative health cause of Australia however is the drive towards high education standards for Naturopaths with the goal of Naturopaths eventually gaining full Government recognition and registration.

In my life, I have never been charged for the breaking of any laws apart from a traffic infringement more than 10 years ago nor been refused any insurances. I have affiliations with my church which my family attends regularly and I am considered by those who personally know me to be a person with well grounded principles and values. My patients and colleagues consider me knowledgeable, strong and caring. I don’t drink nor smoke, try to live a healthy life and am a firm believer that if I don’t abuse my body it will be there to serve me better as I get older

I strongly believe that governments are there to serve the people and not to build up power for themselves by enslaving society under the ever increasing heavy burden of rigid rules and regulations. 

– Bruno Marevich
ND, BHSc (Comp Med)
Castle Hill, NSW 2154



  1. I know this is an old story but the picture on your page shows a millimeter wave scanner. This is not an X-ray machine it uses the radiation (like heat) your own body generates to create a picture. Australian airports do not carry out X-ray transmission imaging of passengers but they do use millimeter wave technology and that radiation is produced by your own body

  2. Now that Australia has made the body scanners compulsory (no scan, no fly) then I will definitely be avoiding Australia for trips. I will also avoid it in transit as well. So Australia will lose out, in the same way that the USA has. Some of us are just not going to put up with being forcibly irradiated. Goodbye Australia.

    Jerry Tilley
  3. I refused the body scan today by telling them I had a shoulder injury and couldn’t lift my arm above the head.

    I also forced them to fetch the information sheet and because my glasses were in my bags I made the team leader read it to me. When he tried to give me a summarised explanation I forced him to read it out word for word.

    If these fascists want to conduct their useless security theatre they should be made to work for it. This has the added benefit of preventing them from “randomly selecting” other passengers while you are exercising your rights.

    Trevor Varnish
  4. I am a regular flyer and in my last 5 flights I have been selected randomly 5 times, wish I had that luck at lotto!
    Each time I have protested and asked for an alternative.
    Australia is becoming a paranoid police state with less regard for civil liberties more each day
    Effort should be focused where it is needed not wasting time and money on ordinary australians
    The same check could be performed with a hand held metal detector and random patdown of profiled passengers rather than risking the long term health of air commuters

    Christopher Osullivan
  5. they are now apparently going to do biometric fingerprint and iris scanning at the end of the year-too late ive book our tickets overseas. 🙁 I want to surrender NEITHER-is there a lawyer or laws I can apply to stop this? I am telling them im pregnant to avoid the scanners as I did in Thailand-but for my 8 year old daughter…..I wont be going abroad after this ever again 🙁 I hate this fascist state. Why are people readily relinquishing thier civil liberties?

  6. I’m 15 years old and i thought that they only x ray people over 18. I was about to walk through the normal machine but one security guard at the airport shouted at me and told me i had to go through the x ray. He looked at other staff members and they seemed to keep an eye on me. They were very rude to me and I wanted to refuse the x ray but i knew i couldn’t argue with them. This was a horrible experience for me and now i don’t ever want to fly again. I know how bad x rays are and they shouldn’t be allowed to x ray people against their will especially kids under 18. I’m actually so ashamed that the Australian government can allow this. I’m only a child and i was leaving Sydney with my mum for a holiday and they treated me like i was doing something illegal. I can’t tell you just how ashamed and disappointed to be Australian i am. This country has no freedom.

  7. Dear Bruno,

    I have had exactly the same experience twice and soon maybe three times!

    My daughter. son-in-law and beautiful granddaughter have gone to live in New Zealand since February this year and we have gone to visit them twice and both times I was picked to go through the total scan.

    The first time I refused and asked to be patted down instead as I have asked in many other countries – well it was like I had terrorist intentions. The attendant stated once you are picked you have to go through or you cannot board the plane. I said I did not want to have my whole body radiated as I have had enough X-rays and scans for medical reasons and didn’t want any more unnecessary radiation.

    But no I had to go through and a few of them gathered around and they assured me it was as safe as having Wi-Fi at home at which I answered that Wi-Fi certainly is not safe and how did they know for sure that this machine does not have a cumulative effect?

    My husband was so embarrassed at the commotion I had caused and I did want to visit my granddaughter so I went through and they did it TWICE because I wasn’t standing properly.

    2 months later we went to NZ again with my nephew and sister-in-law and my husband and nephew went through without being hassled but my sister in law and I were picked to go through the total scanner. I was extremely upset and I said I was not going to spend another cent on travelling again but we are going to NZ again this August and I know that I will be picked again — I am a 59 yr old grandmother and I must look like a terrorist.

    By the way my husband has been to NZ 3 times and he has never been picked to go through.

    Angela Thodas
  8. I think this is terrible. More and more Governments are forcing unwanted dangerous radiation on people for the reason of corporate gains. I no longer fly as this is all too much health danger and insanity=I am in the USA. I would never at this point after hearing this want to set foot in Austrailia.

    They need to allow at least an opt out.

    Any radiation is too much! One third of the population is electrosensitive and can not tolerate any radio frequency.

    I am not electrosensitive but I can not even go places that have wifi anymore due to damage from the rf radiation.

    They need to halt the untested technologies and offer other options and stop forcing radiation on people.

    I think your willingness to be strip searched creates a more viable option over being scanned as far as security goes. But again it doesn’t seem security is the first priority – forcing people to use the billions of dollars of scanners is.

    To me it’s just not worth it to travel anymore.

    It just takes the joy out of any vacation to have it this way.

    More people need to become conscious of the health effects.

  9. Lawrence O’Hare

    1) There is a video shown that, if you carry a metal item, you are still able to pass through the scanner.
    2) As Anjana’s commented: “The scanner showed I had something on me – which I did not. So I had a pat down.”
    3) I believe you have heard the news regarding Customs staff linked to airport drug ring: how do you know they are not also linked to terrorists? If this is the case do you think Customs staff will pick their friends to scan? Even if they get picked, how do you know the Customs staffs who operate scanners or do the pat down are not linked to terrorists? At the end of the day, only the innocent get picked to scan.

    We didn’t demand to remove the scanners: we only demanded to have “pat down” as an option as a human and civil right.
    – Sarge, NSW

  10. I’m more than happy for everyone to have full body scan. Bruno says he doesn’t have convictions etc. I would bet the terrorists who blew up wtc and other atrocities didn’t either. If you have something to hide then don’t fly especially on the same flight as me or my family.

    Lawrence O'Hare
  11. I’ve been overseas and have just discovered this appalling news.

    Keep up the fight, Bruno. Can you make this an election issue?

    I believe we need tight security at airports. I feel safer when I see it.

    However, I don’t feel safe when bureaucrats and governments insist on making decisions for me and removing sensible alternatives.

    Does anyone know what the Opposition’s view is on this?

    Allan Gardyne
  12. Have been told that you can opt out if you are not able to lift your arms above your shoulders due to injury etc. So I presume that if you get a medical note from your doctor to say that you have a rotator cuff injury or tendonitis or a similar shoulder injury/condition then surely they would not make you go through the scanner? Has anyone tried this to opt out?

  13. ON Wednesday 10th April I flew into Sydney airport.
    I was flying from Auckland airport to London.
    I was going to the TRANSIT lounge.
    I was asked to be body scanned.
    I REFUSED body scanning but ADVISED that I was happy to be patted down AS HAS BEEN my experience on numerous occassions flying out of the STates in last 2 years.
    I was advised that it was mandatory in Australia to participate in the procedure. THere was NO OPT out.
    Did I know this
    WHY would I even think I had to check that a DEMOCRATIC country would have introduced such a draconian measure…..
    I was removed from the airport. I have lost my ongoing passage.
    I remain in this country ESSENTIALLY AGAINST my will as required to remain here for 24 hours. ANd immediate rebooking means that I will be paying large amounts for a new flight.
    I am totally appalled that this government was able to introduce legislation that does not allow freedom of speech or choice FOR their travelling public.
    Absolutely gobsmacked.
    I was also spoken to by the police and had my NON EXISTENT police record checked…. WHY because I disagree with someone
    Erin Cappie

    Erin Cappie
  14. Can anybody get the actual text on the plastic covered rules they hand out? It would be interesting to see if they do actually have the law behind them.
    There are two “governemnts” in this country, one is for the people and one is registered with the US stock exchange and is currently running the “show”. Please take some time to understand your rights.

    They may be bluffing?? Some preparedness may help you avoid this issue again. Also if anyone finds the medical condition which excludes you then we need to share this with all those who refuse to be victimised by corporate bullies masquerading as “government”.

    We need a thorough read of that stupid little handout they offer when one refuses scanning. Can anyone get a copy?
    [Ed. Possibly is this Fact Sheet]

  15. The exact same thing happened to me yesterday at the Coolangatta airport. I felt bullied by the security staff, and had no option but to go through the scanner.
    The scanner showed I had something on me- which I did not. So I had a pat down to check that I didn’t have anything on me. If a pat down is going to be used anyway, why is it not an option as an opt out

  16. I am disgusted. My brother is a naturopath and I have a degree in health science and am also now studying naturopathy. The Australian government argues that the L-3 ProVision millimetre-wave body scanners they are using use millimetre-wave frequencies between 30 GHz and 300 GHz rather than terahertz frequencies of other x-ray scanners. The truth is that millimetre wave technology has not been thoroughly tested on humans. Show me the long term peer review trials … there are none.

    Talia West
  17. Scott; the body scanners installed in Australia use millimetre wave technology, not the ionizing x-ray technology whichbthe US have removed not long ago and which you refer to. I also find it interesting that the withdrawal of the X-ray scanners occoured only a few weeks after the TSA had publicly announced launching a major independent study to once and for all put to rest the allegations of these scanners being dangerous.
    Bill: I am sorry for what your wife and yourself went through and I think I understand how you feel. Since this happened to my family and myself, not a day has gone by that I have not written or spoken about this terrible abuse to our liberties and risk to our health. Presently I am speaking with the Office of Transport Security, The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agengy, most of the Stakeholders who either lodged submissions or contributed at the original round table discussions with the Department of Infrastrucure and Transport and the Commonwealth Ombudsman. As you suggested this is not going to happen overnight but it will not be long i hope before the public will know that the no-scan no fly policy was a last minute rule introduced by the Department without anyone’s support. My advice to you and all other travellers who experienced what we did, is to let the Australian Government know that you will not tollerate this law nor support a party that sponsors it.

    Bruno Marevich
  18. Did you get a reply from the Gov.? I doubt it. I had exactly the same experience myself 4 weeks ago flying out of the Gold Coast. My wife and I shuffled our positions in the queue so that I would get picked and while I took my time she passed through. It was a case of ‘if you don’t do it you don’t travel’ I’m not sure what we’ll do on our return in a couple of weeks….. help!

    Bill Wheatley
  19. Bruno has been my naturopath for the last 15 years. I know him to be an honest and very moral person. I respect his knowledge and would advise the government to listen to him.

    Gary Andrews
  20. I am asking everyone Australian to join class-action to fight this retarded government that invades our civil rights. This government is worse than dictatorship, only concern about taxing, no contribution at all to the general public. What if a pregnant woman refuse to be scanned? So federal police is gonna charge criminal offence for refusal to be scanned, even pregnant woman? Federal police should be doing something more important, not harassing the general public

  21. Dear Mr. Marevich: I am writing to you to say thank you for standing up for your principals at Gold Coast Airport as described in your article

    Although you conceded and went through the body scanner, for the reasons you mention, your commitment to taking action against such gross violation on all levels is appreciated.

    I am Australian, living in the Netherlands, and at Schiphol airport and most airports in Europe we do have the opt-out policy. But I assure you that opting out and undergoing a pat down can be very humiliating, offensive and a total violation of ones privacy. I personally experienced such an incident on my trip to Melbourne last September. I have already spoken with Schiphol’s Vice Department about this matter and I have the option of pressing charges against the security guard and having them start an official investigation. My other option was to go through Schiphol and discuss this with them first. Next week is my appointment with Schiphol’s complaint officer, their lawyer and the security guard in question to discuss what took place and for me to decide where I will go from there. I share your views completely and believe that what is happening at airports worldwide is against our human rights and must stop. These scanners are inefficient, most of the times people get the pat-down anyway due to “grey” areas that need to be re-checked and are simply security theater making airports and investors lots of money in the process at the risk of our privacy and health. This is outrageous.

    Having looked you up on Facebook I found both your personal and business pages. I have sent you a friend’s request. I am very much interested in hearing of any action you take against Gold Coast Airport and would also like to invite you to join the facebook group
    where we are making efforts to raise awareness against the use of scanners and your presence would be most welcome. Please consider this.

    Many thanks for such an eloquent and honest article. I hope our fellow Australians put up a fight and not bow before such tyranny. This one here
    certainly will.

    Kindest regards

    Eleftheria Vakaki
  22. I admire and agree with your stand against scanning machines. The Australian government considers Australian people as sheep and their bully tactics in this particular instance are irrefutable proof. We need to stand together in this particular instance against the disruption of our human rights and importantly the break down that could occur to our health when forced to use these scanning machines.

    Barbara Stanton
  23. What a experience my friend Bruno, I m glad you are exposing this practice, shocking to have to deal with this in so called advance civilization, but the big brother is still with us.

    I hope your exposure will lead to changes to that system.

    Thank a lot for standing up for invasion on our freedom.

    Jon Lewis Parrish

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