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CLArion August 2021: Pandemic causes ill health to democracy, liberties

CLArion August 2021: Pandemic causes ill health to democracy, liberties

Once mass vaccination eases the pandemic, laws need correcting to restore democracy, civil liberties and human rights to Australians, CLA says. When C-19 broke out, our rulers first abandoned parliaments, which stopped meeting entirely. Then draconian emergency laws empowered politicians and police to act virtually without restraint. Soon, instantly imposed regulations, stemming from the unbridled emergency powers, saw us all locked in our homes, unable to work, travel cross-town or interstate ,or even choose to travel overseas, and with no prospect of tribunal or court appeal around special individual circumstances. Once the panic is over, we must restore Australians’ freedoms and liberties by demanding meaningful Human Rights Acts throughout the nation.

  • Security boffin wants less egg, fewer ‘hams’, in the spook omelet space
  • Veteran suicide gets its own Royal Commission
  • Opposition Leader says Senator is ‘roadblock’ to the rights of 650,000 Territory citizens
  • MPs to learn respect…maybe, if they choose to, and for just an hour
  • Philistines invade the houses of culture
  • RC into Aged Care: here’s a summary
  • INSLM to review government’s ‘jail for life’ power
  • Cops like car chases, ignore police reporting policy
  • When Captain Cook died, prisoner rehabilitation was born: how is it doing?

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  1. Individual people can email, phone, write to their state/territory and/or federal parliamentary representatives with their viewpoints. The next election will provide a chance to vote one side or the other (or independents) in or out. That is democracy in action.

    Bill Rowlings

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