The Child is Father of the Man

Considering the ‘Me Too’ campaign, it seems to me that the problems associated with it, in Australia anyway, require long- term solutions rather than expressions of anger.

Aged care: inquiry should focus on ‘people’ not ‘consumers’

Civil Liberties Australia has taken issue with the language used in a parliamentary inquiry into the Quality of Care in Residential Aged Care Facilities in Australia. “We note that the Terms of Reference refer to ‘residents’ and ‘consumer protection’, rather than referring to ‘people’, ‘older Australians’ or ‘citizens’. In this language lies the danger of treating older Australians merely as “profit units” for an industry portrayed in the public perception as ‘caring’, because of its links to churches and the like, but which is in truth as hard-nosed and bottom line-driven as any other, “ CLA has told the inquiry. Click for CLA’s submission

DFAT misses a chance to listen

What were once excellent consultations by DFAT with NGOs recently became one-way lectures, from DFAT, to the detriment of everybody. Let’s hope it reverts in style next meeting. 11  Feb 2018

Basques book: chilling lessons for now

The Catholic terroristl Spanish Inquisition, as described in the ‘Basque History of the Word’, holds chilling parallels to Australia right now, writes Stuart McRae. Witch hunts apparently never end. 21 Jan 2018

Why I worry about 1111 souls in limbo

Here’s the numbers, and the background, on how Australia degenerated to being at odds with the UN agencies, criticised for being inhumane, and holding people in interminable ‘detention’.  11 Nov 2017

HC proves need for HR Act

The High Court has struck a blow for Australians’ freedom to protest and speak up by ruling that Tasmania’s draconian 2014 laws were unconstitutional and showed ‘Pythonesque absurdity’. 18 Oct 2017

Has the umpire left the Court ?

The High Court has washed its hands of a precise ruling over the same-sex marriage plebiscite – is this a case of a ‘responsible’ body walking away from its apparent duty? 3 Oct 2017

CLA helps prepare for rights dialogue

CLA Director Jennifer Ashton reports on behind-scenes work helping the government to prepare for dialogue with Vietnam, in which Australia promotes greater adherence to human rights norms. 19 July 2017

Let’s protect our right to health

Patents protect intellectual property, but what safeguards right to health? With courts permitting patents over medical ’things’, parliament may have to legislate to ensure people retain their health rights. 9 Aug 2017

Rights in Oz: ‘regressing all over’

As Tasmania and Queensland consider introducing Bills of Rights, a new book points out that Australians’ liberties and freedoms are being wound back, rather than being maintained and reinforced.. 8 Aug 2017