State stands accused of ongoing harassment

Regardless of DNA ‘breakthroughs’ in criminal investigations, we still have an archaic habit in Perth of shaking someone whom the police have decided is a suspect like a piece of rag until he (or she) is in shreds.  Lloyd Rayney and his children have suffered the murder of a wife and mother.  By all accounts the family had an impeccable history of service to the city of Perth and their local community.  They were (and still are) modest, humble and intelligent.  If Corryn could speak, her first thoughts would be for the care and welfare of her family.  The systematic destruction of her innocent husband physically, mentally, emotionally and socially over many years would be her worst nightmare.
The public were informed that Mr Rayney was the main and only suspect in his wife’s murder.  We were also told the murder occurred in the family’s home.  We were even informed that the purpose of these announcements was to apply so much pressure on Mr Rayney that he would ‘crack’.  Can you imagine how you (an innocent family man, or woman) might react?  Would you spill the beans and confess (as Beamish did) or would you feel so persecuted you could barely function?
Clearly Mr Rayney has no intention of confessing to a crime he didn’t do – he has been proven innocent by the legal system, not so the police and their culture and behaviours.  Clearly the police lacked evidence but they and the state are protecting their ‘self-righteousness’ corner to try to save face.  Too bad if an entire family is destroyed in the process, after one parent has been murdered and the police have been unable to find the murderer(s).  I have sat back for 10 years reading the updates of the case with an increasingly heavy heart
It occurred to me this morning that I was spectating an ancient arena of Christians being mauled and eaten alive for entertainment by the state.
Perth, please stop this appalling fiasco of ‘justice’.  We already stand accountable for a mistake of shameful proportions.  Stop being passive spectators in the sport of ‘spot the murderer’.  So many men in Western Australia have been wrongly convicted and sent to prison for years with barely an apology.  It is time to apologise to Mr Rayney and assist him and his loyal daughters back on their feet.  It is a small price to pay…and the least we can do.
– Margaret Howkins, CLA member, Maylands WA
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