All those trillions… ‘we’re no safer’

Bernard Keane rightly observes that “the War on Terror has proceeded for 16 years … that trillions of dollars have been spent … hundreds of thousands of people have been killed … some of our most fundamental freedoms have been abolished (in the name of fighting people who ‘hate our freedoms’) … we have become a surveillance society. And yet, judging by the conduct of governments and the media, we’re no safer than we were in 2001.” (“More mass surveillance won’t make Brits (or Aussies) any safer”, ‘Crikey’, 6 June 2017). If it really is beyond our political leaders to countenance any discussion or speculation about ‘root causes’, then perhaps the next best question might be to simply ask ‘who benefits’.
– John Richardson, CLA member, Wallagoot NSW
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