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A lift in standards

A lift in standards

So the standard of service the AFP provide to the people of the ACT under the policing purchasing agreement is yet again under question.

This time forensics or the lack thereof (CT, Magistrate slams delay in forensic analysis, pg3 28 May 07).

Is the AFP in breach of contract or is it just a lousy contract? The victims and accused deserve better as justice delayed is justice denied.

Will AFP forensics provided a timely and reliable forensics service or will ACT Policing issue a ‘guideline’ that effectively reduces the gathering of forensics evidence?

After all, the analysis of a sample can’t be late if there is no sample to speak of!
As forensic support is provided on a cost recovery basis to the ACT, Commissioner Keelty is the responsible officer, not the ACT Police Commissioner nor the ACT Police Minister. It is time for Commissioner Keelty to reassure the ACT community that the ‘performance based’ contract for services provided by the AFP actually will deliver high standard policing to the Territory.
Lance Williamson (Canberra Times letter)

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