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CLArion Aug ’23: Criminal cases body comes closer

CLArion Aug ’23: Criminal cases body comes closer

Positive action towards a national Criminal Cases Review Commission is coming closer: Australia’s AGs are expected to formally consider the concept, which works well against wrongful convictions in several other countries, for the first time at their September meeting. Meanwhile, submissions over the issue of a Human Rights Act for Australia have now been lodged, and that of CLA’s has evinced extensive praise for its comprehensiveness and its promotion of a ’No Rights Without Remedy’ approach, shortly to start being introduced in the ACT. And a positive spin-off from the Robodebt fiasco might be that secrecy is lifted around Cabinet documents that don’t deserve to be hidden. Also:

  • Will earprints prove as useful as fingerprints?
  • First female Indigenous Supreme Court judge appointed
  • State acts illegally in confining children
  • Legal bodies at last tackle sexual harassment at work
  • Time to raise the age of criminality for children to 14
  • ‘Naughty’ State keeps its citizens in the dark
  • Anderson reports on use of UK spook law
  • Fight for rights and liberties is eternal
  • Women jailed 42 years likely to be exonerated

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