CLA’s policy on Your Rights

As a human, you have inalienable rights – see ICCPR – and rights in Australian law, including in the Constitution. Some of the basic ones include:

  • free speech: to speak openly on anything, provided you speak responsibly and do not infringe others’ rights;
  • freedom of assembly: to meet, gather, join and act to further legal views and actions
  • freedom of thought, conscience and religion (and no religion);
  • right to live freely and securely, and to develop yourself;
  • to be treated equally with other citizens by authorities, and under the law;
  • to move around freely, and to leave and return to Australia;
  • to marry, choosing your own partner, and to raise a family;
  • to work, with just and favourable conditions and hours, including reasonable rest, leisure and holidays;
  • freedom to join a trade union, or to not join; and
  • the right to share reasonably equitably in the economic, social and cultural rights of the community as part of an inherent dignity of person.

Each right of yours implies a responsibility to respect similar and other rights of others.

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