Congratulations to employer for presuming innocence

Dear Sir, I refer to your report “Photographer faces sex charges” by Gary Adshead, May 19, 2009.

I congratulate PhotoCoffee boss Kingsley Klau, of Rockingham, for his total support for his 21-year old employee, who has been charged with child sexual abuse. It is the first time in my 35 years as a watchdog that I’ve witnessed an employer support the presumption of innocence 100%…in thought word and deed.

Presumption of innocence doesn’t mean you support any wrongdoing – it means that you support a person’s presumed innocence until he or she is proven otherwise by a court of law. The support is part of giving another person a fair go.

I have no position in the University of Western Australia law faculty, but I will drawing this case to their attention: it is a good opportunity for the university to support and honour the presumption of innocence. Perhaps this most unusual employer, Kinsley Klau, deserves an honorary degree for his contribution in supporting the concept fully.

Mr Klau obviously knows – as we all should – that there’s no shame in being charged with a criminal offence.

– Brian G Tennant, member Civil Liberties Australia, Subiaco WA, letter to West Australian newspaper

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