Dec 2014 newsletter: Groups coalesce to mount national justice campaign

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter
CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

Diverse groups concerned about static standards of justice in the legal system are to mount a long-term national campaign; equally, falling parliamentary standards are causing concern.


  • Eastman to stand trial…again
  • MP ganders go on holidays, while we gooses toil away
  • ‘No show’ Brandis hides his metadata, but we must show ours
  • AG usurps charging decision over journalists
  • Liberty in Australia temporary, draconian laws forever: barrister
  • Sentencing report signature forged in murder case
  • ‘Children jailed for life refused their human rights’
  • Woman dies under mandatory government treatment
  • Jailed mother denied right to breastfeed her newborn son
  • Genetic mum unable to register twins as hersBritain to render its citizens stateless
  • Brazil police kill six people a day

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