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Euthanasia choice

Euthanasia choice

Freedom for gay couples to celebrate their unions – great. Good luck to the ACT Government in resisting federal intervention in this (“Showdown looks for gay union negotiation”, February 8, p3).

Freedom for terminally ill older people to choose to die with dignity (voluntary euthanasia)? Local politicians Jon Stanhope and Gary Humphries reject legislating for this (“Euthanasia debate brought back to life”, February 7, p9).

Why freedom of choice for one group and not the other?

Popular support for euthanasia is strong (average 80 per cent, national Newspoll 2007).
How can individual politicians justify imposing their personal prejudices on others? These are normally rational and honourable men: let them offer their arguments and be prepared to have them debated.

Beryl Rawson, CLA member and president of the ACT branch of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society NSW-ACT, Braddon ACT — published in Canberra Times 12 Feb 08.

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