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Kevin Andrews, current MHR for Menzies in Victoria, has been been beaten for preselection. That means he will not be an MP in the next federal parliament.

With an election quite possible before the end of 2021, he has just a few months to move a Private Member’s Bill to overturn the one he generated in 1997 which effectively made the 600,000-plus citizens of the ACT and NT into second class citizens: electors of all other parliaments in Australia can have full voting rights, but the voting rights of voters in the two Territories are restricted.

Even before Mr Andrews lost pre-selection, Civil Liberties Australia wrote to him, asking him to take corrective action.

29 January 2021
To Kevin Andrews MHR:
Civil Liberties Australia on Australia Day 2021 asks the man responsible for citizens of the ACT and the NT having lesser rights than all others Australians – they are not able to even vote on dying with dignity/euthansia law – to ‘rescind’ the federal law he promoted by lodging a new Private Member’s Bill to restore the rights of 600,000 fellow Australians. Here’s the Andrews letter.

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