Let freedom ring; let truth be exposed

John Brennan, security advisor to the Obama-Whitehouse and respected former senior CIA agent, affirmed that America performed “extraordinary renditions” and hid people in “black site” prisons overseas.

Brennan argues strongly against releasing three 2005 Bush-Whitehouse so-called “torture memos”: releasing that information could embarrass foreign governments participating in renditions and hiding prisoners in locations with ambiguous records on torture.

While I see significant value in “naming and shaming” all participating governments in these horrific, immoral, unjust, illegal practices, I encourage releasing the memos even if governments and geographies are redacted.

The biggest “naming and shaming” belongs to us, Americans. Our Government executed its own brand of terrorism in the name of “liberty and justice for all,” justified and legalised by the top-most echelon of our American democracy.

Releasing these memos could initiate our own “truth and reconciliation,” and begin true healing within America and help restore America’s integrity in others’ eyes.

Judy Bamberger, CLA member, O’Connor ACT
American citizen living abroad

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