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Mar ’10 Newsletter – No Human Rights Bill, but blessed election?

Mar ’10 Newsletter – No Human Rights Bill, but blessed election?

Australia will not get a Human Rights Bill. Pale imitations – schools education program and PR campaign – are likely to feature in the 2010 Budget. But at least there’s hope that the most undemocratic development in Australia’s governance over the past 20 years, the rise of Ministerial Councils, can be wound back by pressure from the Labor Caucus. And it looks like the internet filtering (censorship) proposal has been ‘parked’ to clear the decks for a federal election, which has firmed up for a blessed weekend in October.

An historic opportunity has been lost to involve the federal parliament, representing the people, in confirming whether or not Australia should go to war and stay at war. Labor and Liberal parties combined to vote down the chance for the parliament to debate a War Powers Bill. Perhaps the matter could arise during the review of Australia by the UN’s Human Rights Council in 2011? There’s also special coverage in the March newsletter of the Full Body Scanners issue.

Other topics covered in March include:

  • Cheap DNA tests could prove costly: legislation needed;
  • On-the-spot electoral enrolling likely to be introduced;
  • News serious crime laws fraught with potential for abuse;
  • Join ASIO and see the world: agency to enjoy offshore travel;
  • A-G supports lawyers – and CLA – taking on the tough cases;
  • McMillan to be new Information Commissioner;
  • Govt rushes health ID in face of civil society concerns;
  • British Parliament committee wants to abolish control orders;
  • Obama’s omissions deny civil rights over his first year;
  • Labour in UK suffers criminal ‘legislative diarrhoea’; and
  • EU shows moral right not always with the SWIFT.


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