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MP lies criminalise the law-abiding

MP lies criminalise the law-abiding

I am concerned by the blatant discrimination that Mr Shoebridge and various other MPs and media members are portraying towards law abiding citizens who happen to be law abiding firearm owners. It is sad that Mr Shoebridge, is resorting to lies, manipulating figures to present lies as facts, and effectively ostracising law abiding firearms owners from the community by treating us as criminals. This is a grave miscarriage of justice, and the discrimination has to stop.

Can you please address this situation that both Mr Shoebridge and Mr Howard are brewing up? They are discriminating against & vilifying approximately 1,000,000 or more Australians, who happen to be abiding by the law of the land. We take offence to being treated as criminals and it saddens us very much that every day we open a newspaper, or hear Mr Shoebridge or Mr Howard on TV, telling and spreading more lies, to fear monger the population, instead of going after the true problem, criminals committing crimes with their illegal firearms that have been imported to Australia illegally.

Please use your power to prevent law abiding firearms owners from being victimised, discriminated against and treated as criminals.

– Rob Wingrove, ACT

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