US ‘greatness’ lost at Guantanamo, US Major says

Read the ‘closing argument’ by US Air Force Reservist Major, David Frakt (in civilian life, a law professor), who is the military counsel for Mohammad Jawad, only 17 when detained in Afghanistan. He is charged with injuring US soldiers in a war, an act never previously a war crime under any known law. Jawad was moved between cells at Guantanamo Bay 112 times in 14 days in what amounts to torture, Frakt says, for which US military chiefs should face charges.

Major David J. R. Frakt’s Closing Argument in Favor of Dismissal of the Case Against Mohammad Jawad

“America lost a little of its greatness that day (when President Bush ordered that the Geneva Convention did not apply to detainees). We lost our position as the world’s leading defender of human rights, as the champion of justice and fairness and the rule of law. But it is a testament to the continuing greatness of this nation, that I, a lowly Air Force Reserve Major, can stand here before you today, with the world watching, without fear of retribution, retaliation or reprisal, and speak truth to power. I can call a spade a spade, and I can call torture, torture.”

Major David Frakt, 19 June 2008

Also worthy of a read is the following The Afghani Teen Put to Trial at Guanátanmo – The Case of Mohamed Jawad By ANDY WORTHINGTON

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