WAPOL lags on coronial recommendations

Over just four days in April 2006, two young men died while while being restrained by WA Police (WAPOL) in Perth. At the inquests, the coronial service recommended changes that might avoid such deaths. CLA is monitoring their implementation, which so far has been patchy, five still being “under active consideration” half a year later.

Monitoring police: WA

CLA is closely monitoring whether recommendations made in coronial inquiries are put into action by police, particularly where they may save lives.

Here is an ongoing exchange with the WA Police over recommendations made by coronial inquests where two young men died in Perth within four days of each other while in the hands of police. Recommendations included how police (and ambulance) radio exchange could be improved, better training for police in techniques for restraining people affected by drugs and alcohol, and the dangers of restraining people for too long in the one position. Other recommendations related to possible disciplinary measures continue to be followed up.

CLA letter

WAPOL response so far…

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