We should show a lead

Crispin Hull’s article "We’re all human and the next rights breach might be yours", July 1, pB7) is a salient summary of the last decade of Australia’s human rights record. Australia being signatory to various UN human rights treaties is meaningless unless they are applied domestically – unless we practice what we preach. We don’t.

Crispin Hull points to 11 instances where Human Rights Committee findings critical of domestic injustices have been ignored by the Howard Government.

Such arrogant disregard makes Australia appear hypocritical in the eyes of the international community.

We live in an affluent society – we can afford to accept the UN judgment on our human rights performance, and it is mandatory that we show a lead to other countries.

Dr Kristine Klugman, president, Civil Liberties Australia (Canberra Times letter)

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