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Indigenous leaders are helping to drive a groundswell for fundamental, meaningful change rippling through society, with calls for an Australian republic now added to the request for ‘real’ representation.  This could be a big year for national change, with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people showing the way. Our medical leaders have had a second opinion and are diagnosing the need for same-sex marriage to be supported by parliament. While a law for old people to have a choice about dying in a dignified way hit a roadblock in one state, in the biggest state numrically, NSW, a cross-party bill will likely be voted on in 2017-18.
Half of Australia – the state of WA – gets a chance to re-set its underlying culture and community attitudes as a new government introduces a raft of legislation. As well, a change of Police Commissioner, the first in 13 years, is set to shape new attitudes come September. As the celebrations around the 50th anniversary of the 1967 national referendum on Indigenous issues say, ‘Change is Gonna Come’.
Other items in this issue include:
  • Police over-confidence and excessive ‘no mistakes’ PR has costs
  • Military spooks get new toys
  • Police and PathWest in strife over forensic errors
  • Sue Neill-Fraser to get a day in court in July
  • Select committee may opt for electoral reforms
  • Two lawyers questions jury trials
  • ‘Tough on crime’ is just for political posturing
  • Civil society in Asia wants a human rights court
  • Taiwan leads way on same-sex marriage
  • Is UK mental health catastrophe duplicated here?
  • Naked truth: First Amendment doesn’t have you covered

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