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April 2016 newsletter: Election looming call for priority issues to focus efforts

April 2016 newsletter: Election looming call for priority issues to focus efforts

CLA CLArion Monthly newsletter

With an election close at hand, CLA is asking members to nominate which non-mainstream but important issues need focusing on when we and others quiz candidates about their stances.

Core issues like refugees and an Aboriginal treaty/preamble – and no doubt, law-and-order – will get much attention, but what issues do you think Civil Liberties Australia should promote in calls for national action? Maybe law-justice reform and comparability Australia-wide? Creating non-government monitoring bodies for police and security agency activities? International treaties to prevent repeat of cases like the Bali Nine Australian prisoner executions? Ending the ‘war on drugs’ approach to cut prison populations by at least a third, saving taxpayers billions of dollars? A new national law so older Australians can choose how they die? Removing senseless ‘naked selfie’ photo laws which give kids a sexual offender criminal history for life?

What non-mainstream issues stir your passions?

Items in this issue of CLArion include:

  • Minister wants to slash procedural fairness
  • Brandis gives kiss of death to law reform
  • Politicians with principles, please stand!
  • Corruption up 68% in government crime-customs agencies
  • Is encryption a basic right in Australia?
  • No body-no parole law for territory
  • What’s wrong in South Australia
  • Why does age of consent vary around Australia?
  • New Board Member appointed
  • TV goes into court in the UK
  • Abortion for fathers?
  • Treat addicts, regulate drugs to end ‘war’
  • 17 youths jailed for reading liberation book
  • Republican convention bare of arms


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