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Dec 2008 Newsletter – CLA launches anti-filtering campaign

Dec 2008 Newsletter – CLA launches anti-filtering campaign

CLA has launched a campaign to stop the Rudd Government imposting mandatoring internet filtering – censorship – on adult Australians’ access to the internet. The campaign consists of a new website – – and a series of events, activities and media releases to be rolled out over the coming few months.

The government wants to stop children accessing pornography, a move CLA is entirely in agreement with. But the government has backed down on a promise to do so under an ‘opt-in’, voluntary system for parents, and instead plans to impose mandatory censorship, cutting adult Australians’ access to information (and dramatically reducing internet speeds as a by-product).

The government is also backing away from a commitment to review the anti-terror laws passed in haste and panic after 11 September 2001: they still have not abolished the sedition laws, a clear pre-election promise more than 12 months ago.

Some other items featuring in this month’s CLArion include:

  • IGIS finds ASIO ‘bananas’ not guilty enough;
  • CLA’s Model Litigant campaign gets under way;
  • Changes to DNA laws need careful watching;
  • Police and A-G hire private spies to snoop online;
  • Stun gun use: questions arise in two States;
  • Powers of Attorney to operate nationwide;
  • NSW plans to privatise more jails;
  • People support e-health…as long as it is voluntary;
  • Calma calls for ‘First Nation’ status in charter;
  • Europe shelves full-body, see-through airport scans;
  • Child, 13, wins legal right to die;
  • Zimbabwe rights groups honoured for pursuing justice; and
  • Pacific Forum open door policy to be kept.blank

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