Dec 2019 CLArion newsletter: ASIO spins and leaks as Australia is confirmed as turning into a police-security state

Supposed ’secret’ agents pick up a megaphone to leak news which suits their world view, then dumb politicians jump on to the bandwagon created from gossamer ‘facts’. Welcome to the new police-security state that Australia is becoming. We’re losing liberties and freedoms because Ministers and Parliament no longer safeguard people’s human rights. Instead, doyens of the nation’s academia and law say, they legislate ‘poorly and over-broadly’ – besotted by terrorism – when a much greater danger is domestic violence, for example. A Bill of Rights is just one fundamental needed to restore balance in our society.

  • Williams, Walker severely critical of rushed security legislations
  • Money which should go to climate change is spent on police and spooks
  • MPs learn about deadlines…and fail twice
  • Kirby warns about dangerous religious bill
  • e-petition aims to wind back draconian anti-protest provisions
  • NZ legislates for Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • God(s) freed from morning school duties

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