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Dec 2020 CLArion: killings reveal much more than rogue soldiers

Dec 2020 CLArion: killings reveal much more than rogue soldiers

Much about wider military and general society is revealed by the alleged murders committed by special forces troops. Cover-ups and refusal to account for bad behaviour are rampant throughout politics and police forces, and strongly suspected among the security elite. CLA believes widespread change is needed to re-boot society, starting with a strong ICAC accountability mechanism to de-power ruling elites, and a human rights act and tribunal to empower the less-privileged.

Also in this issue:

  • Excessive emergency powers should be reined in
  • Suicide Commissioner Boss is a good choice
  • Consultant trades in national interests
  • QR codes can hide privacy dangers
  • Australia signs another secret trade deal
  • New class joins the High Court:who’s the pea for CJ?
  • London Met Police: couldn’t lie straight in bed
  • UAE frees up booze and cohabiting
  • Weed wins! NZ election produces more victories

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