Despicable crime, no matter where committed

Dear Editor: Surely no-one would deny that the terrorist attack in Boston was a cowardly criminal act, to be rightly deplored by us all (‘Boston blasts suggest terrorists’ work: Carr’, Canberra Times, 17 April).

But how is it that our Prime Minister can find the time to offer our nation’s sympathies to the US for this “senseless and very, very cruel attack”, whilst maintaining a stubborn silence in response to equally senseless crimes, such as the 16 car bombs that killed 55 & injured 200 innocent people in Iraq, or the roadside bomb that killed 7 civilians in the southern Afghan province of Zaubl, or the murder of 4 civilians in northwest Pakistan by a US drone; all in the past few days?

It is time for us, but more particularly for our political leaders, to recognise that terrorism is the same despicable crime: no-matter who the victims, who the perpetrators or where it is committed.

– John Richardson, CLA member, Wallagoot NSW

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