Feb 2018 newsletter: Aged care inquiry is priority; danger lurks in police state laws

A federal parliament committee’s inquiry peeling back secrecy around aged care practices will dominate early 2018.  There’s also grave danger in the ‘creeping Stalinism’ of proposed anti-whistleblower laws. The parliament’s fiasco about who is eligible to sit in the House and the Senate, along with perennial expenses rorting and other disdainful practices, is indicative of a continuing contempt by MPs for the citizens who elect them.

Other items in this issue include:

  • 2018 CLA electronic Annual General Meeting is under way
  • CLA member Melissa Parke on UN’s Yemen investigation panel
  • Can we please finger this man for security supremo?
  • Making the GG President, by legislation
  • Military should adopt inquisitorial legal system: Brigadier
  • Trade deal may be too high a price to pay
  • Forensic science fail: ‘miscarriages inevitable’
  • YOUR genes? Not if testing companies have their way
  • Three little words lose their power


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