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Have your say on same-sex marriage

Have your say on same-sex marriage

Federal parliament is considering two bills on same-sex marriage. Here’s how to have your say to the parliamentary committee inquiring into the issue…plus we have a handy Spot-The-Difference comparison between the bills.

The Australian Parliament is holding yet another inquiry into same-sex marriage, but this time it is calling for submissions from all Australians.

Two bills, one sponsored by the Labor Party, and the other by the Greens, are currently being considered by a Parliamentary Committee.

Parliament is calling for all Australians to complete a survey on the two bills. Go to: to share your views by 20 April 2012.

Civil Liberties Australia has put together a document showing the differences between the two bills, you can find that here:

Civil Liberties Australia is in favour of legalising same-sex marriage, and believes the Marriage Act should be changed to remove discrimination against both same-sex couples in Australia and those who married overseas.


  1. I’m not a gay person. But i was brought up to believe that everyone was created equal, everyone should have the same rights. Today, in May 2012, on reading in a Melbourne newspaper (‘Doctors against gay marriages’), it makes me ashamed to live among people with such (and sorry for the lack of a better word) ‘redneck’ views. This is the year 2012, and we have fought for human rights for many decades. Everyone should have the rights to the same things, including marriage, and the things that come along with that.

    I can’t believe that there are studies that prove children are better of with a mother and a father at home. (On my mother’s side, there are my grand parents, who have never been in love, can’t even stand each other, and have made their children watch as they fought and bickered their whole life and taught nothing but bad relationship skills to their children, who all in turn got married and got divorced and struggled in romance and with relationships in general. Which has passed down now to two generations.

    Then on my father’s side, you have a domineering mother who tormented their children into being prim and proper, and doing what she wanted. Now to this day (60 years later), these children can’t function in society properly without a great deal of anxiety and confusion.

    There are so many heterosexual marriages that are not healthy for children, marriages that are not formed on love and respect for each other. Couples that stay together “for their children”, teaching them to disrespect and mistreat each other, teach bad values and life skills.

    My parents got divorced when I was young. As my mother recalls, the anxiety in our family was horrible. She says, when my father left, it was gone instantly. Us kids were so much more relaxed and happy after they separated. I can’t even remember him being around then (I was 7yo at the time of the divorce). But I remember all the love and happy times after that. I remember the quality time I spent with my father on weekends. I remember my mother being the most passionate, relaxed and loving person I ever met. I remember, the commitment and support i got from both of them.

    I don’t believe in any way that people should say together if they are not happy, in love and don’t respect each other. I believe that two people, of any sex, that love and respect each other, are going to impart these gifts on to their children. I can’t see in anyway how same sex parents is bad, wrong or unethical. Love is love in any shape or form. And that is what we should be teaching our children. Not bigotry and fear of the un-known.

  2. A new born baby cannot help what “GENE” will determine her/his sexual preference at a later date, yet that baby is loved by the family in the early stages and far beyond. For a family to find out later one is bisexual, gay or what ever are they to be turned away because of what they inherited? To deny them being married in a Church against the teachings of the Bible maybe one thing, but permit them to be married by a celebrant so they are subjected to the same laws relating to marriage in relation to property or what ever should be allowed.

    Rob of Gippsland

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