July 2020 CLArion newsletter: Worst of times provide opportunity to change baseline rights for the future

As the Covid-19 pandemic restricts traditional freedoms wholesale, and the police and security community seeks even greater powers of surveillance and data control over our photos and faces, these appear to be dark times for personal liberties. But times of change also bring opportunity, Noq is the chance for all Australians who care about rights and freedoms to speak out loudly and strongly about the most basic of freedoms, like free speech and individual privacy, as well as demanding a new approach to the world of regulations which govern our everyday lives.

Other items in this issue:

  • Law Council delivers broadside over loss of privacy
  • Virus law enforcement done in secret
  • Super-arrogant High Court comes a cropper
  • BLM:Australia imprisons at four times the US rate
  • Save six weeks work: don’t read online contracts!
  • ASIO on way to becoming political player
  • COAG dies: how Australia’s political system really works (+ diagram)
  • Juries may go to catch up with Covid case backlog
  • Police twice as likely to fine black people in UK

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