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Motions for the 2010 electronic AGM (eAGM)

Motions for the 2010 electronic AGM (eAGM)

As part of the 2009 electronic Annual General Meeting (eAGM), this page contains the documents that would normally be tabled at a physical AGM. You can download the reports at your leisure, for reading in advance of the formal vote between 22 Mar – 5 Apr. We’ll send a reminder to you when it is time to vote.

One proposed motion was received: it related to mandatorily:

  • establishing branches in each state and territory,
  • disclosing membership details, and
  • creating separate branch websites.

In accordance with the pre-established procedure for deciding on motions to be put to members at an eAGM, the CLA Board at a meeting on Sunday 21 February 2010 determined that the proposed motion was of an administrative nature covering principles and issues which are the responsibilities, under strategic planning and forward-resourcing duties, of the Board in directing the development and operation of the organisation.

In line with the constitutional amendment of 2008, the Board re-affirmed that CLA was a national entity, and not a federated organisation of state/territory branches.

The Board agreed that the following motions would be put to the 2009 eAGM:


These documents will be made available separately for any comment by members pending the eAGM vote during the period 22 Mar – 5 Aprblank


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