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November 2020 CLArion newsletter: skewed spending analysed

November 2020 CLArion newsletter: skewed spending analysed

Criticise the federal government at your peril is the lesson from the 2020 Budget as the ANAO, ABC, human rights and other agencies suffer more funding cuts. Meanwhile funny money magically appears in ever-increasing amounts to continue the two-decade long expansion of security, police and intelligence agencies…even as state governments hand over our driver licence photos before legal and privacy protections are legislated.

  • Govt spends $3m-plus to prosecute secretly
  • Suicide Commissioner Boss is a good choice
  • Election sees children targeted in law’n’order auction
  • Will cannabis laws align with traffic laws?
  • Parl. committee calls out CCC for failing to investigate police
  • Prison hulks? Transportation? Back to the future in the UK
  • Open parole board would make justice more transparent
  • Kiwis await cannabis, euthanasia referendum results
  • Physicians call for appeal rights under Covid-19 orders

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