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‘Police not at fault over car chase death’

‘Police not at fault over car chase death’

Clea codeI write to you regarding the recent tragic loss of the life of a 2yo girl during a police pursuit in Sydney. Once again the civil libertarians blame the police for this tragedy instead of the perpetrators (the armed robbers).

It is about time the do-gooders in Australia ceased to defend the criminals in this country and treated them with the level of respect they deserve (NONE). No doubt the scum involved in this robbery had previous form and the actions of organisations like yours (advocates for shorter sentences, home detention, early parole, etc) are responsible through your interfering for the fact criminals are now given too many chances.

The reality of this tragedy is that if this scum had been in jail where they belong this innocent child would not be dead. The police are not responsible for her death: the reality is, if the criminals had not commited the robbery this incident would not have occured in the first place (they the perpetrators are entirely responsible). In addition the inocent victims terrorised during the armed robery would have a different memory of Christmas 2009 instead of the nightmare they now endure.

I also note that many on your board are lawyers. Lawyers for your information are persons that most honest hard working Australians can not afford to engage should a serious legal issue arise.

  • My advice to the libertarians:
  • Stop defending the actions of violent repeat criminals.
  • Advocate for penalties that fit the crime
  • Defend the victims, not the criminals (you people have lost sight of reality).

Drug and alcohol addiction are no excuse, neither is upbringing. Criminals belong in institutions.

I am an intensive care nurse and I like the police am sick and tired of having to treat these scum in hospital (I have been involved with many injured criminals – robbers, rapists, pedophiles).

They gave up any rights when they commited their crimes.


I am also a strong advocate for the death penalty as are many Australians (shock horror). WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE VICTIMS’ RIGHTS? YOU PEOPLE HAVE LOST SIGHT OF REALITY.

– David Cornish

Response from CLA:

  1. CLA does not defend the actions of criminals.
  2. CLA advocates penalties that fit the crime.
  3. CLA defends victims. In this case, clearly there is a victim who is entirely innocent, a two-year-old child, now dead. She is dead because of the combined actions of alleged criminals and police chasing them in a vehicle, when the police force already had the fleeing vehicle under active observation and pursuit by a police helicopter.
  4. People do not give up all rights when they commit a crime. They still have the right to life, the right to be heard before a court, the right to not be tortured, etc.

CLA has long advocated better training, equipment and reporting for police who engage in car chases. The Victorian Police Force’s code is good, but we recommend the Clea Code, developed by the parents of Clea Rose (killed during a police chase in Canberra in 2005) and CLA.

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