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Pollies should champion free speech

Pollies should champion free speech

CLA Media Release
CLA Media Release

Purported policies for the March 2014 Tasmanian elections signal an imbalanced approach to rights. Politicians of all people should come down on the side of free speech, CLA says.

CLA calls for balanced approach to free speech rights

Civil Liberties Australia today noted the inconsistencies with the Tasmanian Liberals election policy “Rebuilding the Forest Industry – Cracking down on illegal protestors”

 “The Liberal party often assert they are the strongest defenders of free speech. But if you are to live up to that standard that means ensuring everyone in society can speak freely, not just those you agree with,” said Richard Griggs, Tasmanian Director of Civil Liberties Australia.

“Dramatically raising fines for protestors and introducing mandatory jail sentences is inconsistent with a liberal commitment to free speech.

“There are competing rights at play here. On the one hand workers have a right to access their place of employment but, on the other, the community has a right to free speech. Existing laws do a reasonable job of balancing these rights and this new policy would dramatically reduce free speech,” he said.

For comment: Richard Griggs

Media release                                    9 Dec 2013

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  1. If someone is harmed by free speech then let them sue. Surely we have sufficient common law that a person who has been harmed by unreasonable speech (whatever that might mean) can be awarded compensation? Right?

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