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Randon Roadside Swapping – Civil Liberties Take Another Hit

Randon Roadside Swapping – Civil Liberties Take Another Hit

The Police Force needs to collectively wake up and the Police Commissioner needs to stand his ground against ridiculous directives handed down by some brainless Politician from Dubbo

50 years ago the police were there to help us and, we asked for their help: They took action against reported crimes and they hunted down criminals. On the road they only acted against you if you were driving erratically, speeding or doing something wrong. They protected us and protected the well being of our entire society. The Police force were like the Ambulance Service or Fire Brigade. They are Public Servants and they are there to do their civil duty when required. The operative words being “Civil Duty When Required”.

Today its different – Whether it’s the Police trying to justify their own existence or it’s driven by Politicians. The Police now go out of their way to drum up work for themselves. They sit outside the RSL Club or a private party or on the side of the road invading our privacy by swabbing of breathalyzing us or, putting sniffer dogs between our legs at a concert. All this when we have done nothing wrong and then they drag us off to a police lockup, create criminals out of us and then drag us kicking and screaming through the courts at great cost to us, the courts and society. It certainly smells like a police state but remember – Police states are driven by Politicians and there is a solution.

If other public servants were trying to justify their own existence, like the Police Force appear to do, then the Fire Brigade would be setting fires so they could put them out and Ambulance drivers would be running people over so they could pick them up, brush them down, and whizz them off to the nearest hospital. It sounds ridiculous but its what the Police are doing in society right now. Today and every day another 50 odd people, who have done nothing wrong, are pulled out of the crowd, by the Police, and criminalised. Hard working tax paying citizens and the Police have a never ending supply of us poor bastards to feed off.

First they take away all our civil liberties and then beat us to death because of some idiot control freak Politician. This shows a total disregard for the people who pay their wages – A total disregard for the damage they do to society at large and the people and families whose lives they destroy by taking away their ability to drive and again, all for no good reason.

A number of drug related car accidents  is definitely no good reason when 20,000 Australian die each year from tobacco and alcohol related diseases. The argument for swabbing, and the breathalyser for that matter, is Pathetically Disproportionate. I’ll say it again – Pathetically Disproportionate. It’s just another really bad excuse for Politicians and the Police to exercise meaningless control over society.

Today there are 250,000 disqualified licences against people who have never hurt anyone, never stolen anything and never damaged any property. That’s over $750 million in fines and court costs against those same citizens sodomized by our over zealous Police Force and, our very own out elected Politicians . The social and economic cost
cost to our struggling State economy is in excess of $30 Billion as a direct result of Political and Police Force stupidity.

The police need to remember their place and go back to helping us and not attacking us at every fabricated opportunity when we are unimpaired with an alcohol reading of .05 or we puffed on a joint at a party, two nights ago, or we are having some fun at a concert. It just makes the whole Governing System and the Police Force look like a bunch of idiots who have nothing better to do and take great pleasure in screwing their own people over.

For the control freak politicians who come up with these ridiculous ideas – Vote them out of power. For the Police Force, they needs to rationalise their thinking by helping the taxpayers who feeds them.  Use some logic and discretion, think twice before you criminalize a person for no good reason. Your not just hurting us you are hurting all of society – And, indirectly that includes yourself and your own families and children who sooner or later will have to foot the $30 billion bill you are helping run up throughout our society.

50 years ago Politicians ran for office as a civil duty – To help society and do their bit for a better country. Today they run for office for the same thing that drives the rest of this mad world –  For money, power and control.

Well, enough is enough – Have your money and have your power but no more control. It needs to STOP! We want our civil liberties back and that includes no police action unless a person is reported or seen to be doing something wrong! You can’t just attack us because we are standing there or driving along the road minding our own business – It’s unconstitutional and it’s a criminal act against your own population. It’s what you would expect in an oppressive Police State or Dictatorships. Put your hand up if your a Politicians who want a Police State or Dictatorship?

Civil Liberties are personal guarantees and freedoms that the government cannot abridge.
including the right to defend oneself and that would be defending ones civil liberties. In this case the right to privacy and a right to bodily integrity. Swabbing is an infringement of our right to privacy and bodily integrity.

Australia, although in a lot of pain, is still a free and democratic society. If you think your civil rights and civil liberties have been impacted in any way by the NSW Police Force then that would have been sanctioned by the Minister for Police in collusion with the Police Commissioner. Well, we can’t get rid of the Police Commissioner but we can certainly get rid of the Police Minister at the next election. That would be Minister for Justice and Police Troy Grant representing Dubbo.

So, all you good people out there at Dubbo. This is a call to arms – We need you! Make a statement for your country and for your civil liberties and for all of us. “Get Rid Of Grant” at the next election. Do it for yourself, do it for your family and above all do it for freedom and the future of our children.

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  1. In mid 2017 I was pulled over by the NSW Police for a very lengthy stop and asked to explain why I was driving during the night. I hadn’t been doing anything wrong on the road at all but he just thought he would play the role of the town sheriff. He never seemed to accept my explanation and I was detained for a considerable length of time as I listened to his repetitive, inane questions as to why I was on his turf (which, incidentally, was a public highway). After he finally let me go, ten minutes later I again see him tailing me from a couple of hundred metres back, presumably just to be sure I was leaving town as I said I was going to do.

    It seems to me the NSW Police force should probably be swapping their emblem for something more resembling the gear worn by the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s. The only reason I did not subsequently sue the police for false imprisonment was due to lack of evidence. And now I have read up the law on roadside stops, the only person breaking the law that night was the policeman. He never gave his name, his local area command, turned his body cam on, or gave the reason he pulled me over (apart from demanding to know why I was driving in the early hours of the morning) Lucky he got away with in informal talking to by his senior commanding officer. I regret, however, that I did not have the evidence to pursue a formal complaint and sue the NSW Police for false imporisonment though.

    If something like that ever happens again, at least I now know the law. So if they try something like that again, I will be seeing a solicitor and suing the police. They can’t just go pulling people over and detaining them when they are not breaking the law unless they are breath testing, drug testing or they have reasonable cause to suspect you are in the course of committing a crime, have committed a crime or will be committing a crime. But here is some news for you overzealous NSW coppers. Sorry guys, but someone driving past midnight does not constitute reasonable cause. But sure, if you guys want to try a stunt like that on me a second time, be my guest. I could use the money.


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