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Worried how authorities are surveilling you, storing your face and data? Here’s a petition to sign. Digital Rights Watch has organised it. They say:

Facial recognition technology has been deployed across Australia. Local governments, corporations large and small, federal and state government departments and law enforcement agencies have rolled out these mass surveillance systems, all without you getting a say or even noticing.

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  1. Numerous health officials in Australia and overseas stated previously that wearing a
    mask when you had no covid symptoms was a waste of time and potentially dangerous.
    Now for political reasons, the same people are urging people to wear masks.
    There have been many studies showing masks do not contain viruses which have particles
    1 micron in size, since masks can only contain particles 5 microns and larger.
    There is an obvious, inherent risk of illness caused by re-breathing CO2 all day.
    When is someone going to challenge these idiots and start a petition


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