CLA Policy – Censorship

CLA believes society should be free of censors to the maximum extent possible, with the proviso that we endorse protecting children from some content, but decreasingly as they approach their late teens. In general, adults should be free to choose what they consume using the five senses and, of course,

CLA Policy – Young People

The issues facing young people are diverse, ranging from vaccination to sexting. In general, CLA’s position is to support the right of children in general, and the individual child in particular, wherever possible. However, the balancing act in relation to all civil liberties can be even more nuanced when dealing

CLA Policy – Workplace

Individuals and groups should have the greatest possible equality in bargaining power, protection from discrimination or harassment, and the right to a safe workplace and to work free from the fear of arbitrary dismissal. Workers should also have freedom of association and the right to strike. Resources: CLA policy on

CLA Policy – Sedition

Some freedoms are fundamental to democracy, CLA believes: freedom of speech; freedom of conscience; freedom of assembly; and freedom of the person. Proper functioning of democracy also depends on government accountability (of elected representatives and their staff, and of public servants), people’s access to information and a fair electoral system