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Creeping, mandatory QR codes infect Queensland court buildings

Queensland has expanded its mandatory use of the Check In Qld App to cover additional business sectors, including “public-facing government services, such as customer service counters in government buildings,” not including courts…but including courthouses.

But, if you’re a woman and you want access to  a legal aid service, or male or female and you’re after a birth certificate, using a Qld QR code is mandatory.

Is this just the start of the creeping, enforced use of check-in codes, under AnnieStasi Palacechook and the other state and territory bosses, Civil Liberties Australia asks? If you can trace people constantly you can keep them in their place.

The Qld government says: “While it is highly recommended that people check in to Queensland courthouses using the Check In Qld App, there is no authority to refuse entry or provision of court-related services to anyone who does not check in via the QR code. However, using the QR code to check in is mandatory for people accessing non-court services – such as the Women’s Legal Service or applying for a birth certificate – within court buildings.”

There is no mandatory check-in if you want to spend a penny in a Qld public convenience…yet!

Full details on the relevant public health direction, visit Check In Qld app:


  1. “Precluded by law” is a cowards claim by your organisation to represent civil liberties. From your statement to me ,your views on civil liberties has become redundant.

    Mikko Laurila
  2. Mikko
    Civil Liberties Australia is not a law firm, and is precluded – by law – from giving legal advice. You could ask your local Member(s) of Parliament (state and federal) to advise you, as they are your paid representatives in relation to government matters. – Ed

    Bill Rowlings
  3. Hi , I have serious concerns that after a while the QR Check in app will be used for vaccination status across Australia to access food and goods. If this turns out to be a fact in the near future , what rights do unvaccinated citizens have in regards to the Australian constitution? Does the Biosecurity emergency act take precedent over the Constitutional Guarantee Section 51.23A of the Australian Constitution? I’d like to get some clarity on this issue.

    Mikko Laurila

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