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September 2020 CLArion newsletter: CLA outlines vaccination policy

September 2020 CLArion newsletter: CLA outlines vaccination policy

As the virus pandemic grinds on, people are increasingly questioning traditional daily Australian life, from how Parliament convenes (eg, with electronic access and voting, or not) to how we value older people’s lives during a Covid-19 disease which specifically targets them. Trust in politicians, already fragile before the pandemic, is dissipating even as state boundaries become Great Walls. And, as happens during emergencies, organised operators as widely dispersed as security and police agencies to online trolls and anti-vaccination fanatics are actively taking advantage of uncertainty and confusion to further their unique views.

  • Fed govt lags western world in aged care quality monitoring
  • Muzzled journos speak out for press freedom: two inquiries reporting
  • Human rights committee splinters on party lines
  • ASIO Bill gets another bad report card
  • Call for brave AGs to act
  • Blind justice dispensed by police
  • NZ takes Kiwise approach to algorithms
  • Malaysia raids Al Jazeera news network office
  • 20 years of saving lives of children

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