Oct 2019 CLArion newsletter: Census and new laws move us further down track of mandatory questions & duration

Little by little, those who govern the nation are conditioning the people to the concept of increasing mandatory behaviour imposed from on high. The 2021 census is being planned with new, intrusive and must-answer questions on gender, sex and personal health. At the same time, ignorant and arrogant politicians want to legislate for mandatory sentences, instead of letting the legal experts called judges do their jobs…after they have heard all claims and counter-claims.

  • Two probes question the discipline/alleged crimes of our military
  • Terrorism no longer major threat to Australia: official
  • Mandarins get to filter major report into their own performance
  • Caesar judges Caesar ‘very beningly’, former AG says
  • Cannabis legal! It’s enough to drive an MHR to pot planting
  • Police to get power to issue instant ‘go-to-court’ dockets
  • One High Court rules mass surveillance illegal
  • Five to be tried…after 20 years in jail already

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