August 2013 CLArion newsletter:
‘Shadow of Doubt’ doco will launch new focus on miscarriage of justice

A new 80-minute documentary, Shadow of Doubt, is focusing urgent attention on Australia’s latest miscarriage of justice, like Lindy and the dingo. If it wasn’t for CLA members, there would be no documentary, no such light shone on dark injustice.

July 2013 CLArion newsletter:
Hush-hush ‘Quintet’ is meant to control world surveillance, under orders made in the USA

The West’s surveillance of the world’s phones, computers and personal data has been much in the news: if there’s any supreme body in control, it is the shadowy ‘Quintet’ which meets annually for the US to hand out riding instructions to the UK, Canada, NZ and Australia. At home,a government …

June 2013 CLArion newsletter: Five civil liberties campaign issues identified; sneaky govt censors ‘net

With an Australian election just on 100 sleeps away, CLA’s attention turns to the five civil liberties issues we’ll be campaigning on. This issue also highlights sneaky government internet censorship, and how the AFP and the ACC are abusing media confer…

May 2013 CLArion newsletter: Mood of social change and regaining people power sweeps in before the federal election

There’s a mood sweeping the nation for social change, from same-sex marriage to euthanasia. CLA believes it’s the start of citizens re-asserting themselves over politicians in a show of people power after years of feeling thwarted and marginalised. Now,…