January 2013 CLArion newsletter:
Government spins rehash of old activities and pretends it supports human rights

The Gillard Government pretends its newly-released National Human Rights Action Plan is a real commitment to rights and civil liberties in Australia. But what CLA describes as a Confected Rights Action Plan is all spin on top of hype. If the governm…

December 2012 – CLArion newsletter: Sexual
abuse inquiries to hear voices of victims as parallel election demands Year of Speaking Out

Sexual and physical abuse inquiries – into the armed forces, churches, and generally – are likely to dominate 2013, clouding the the crucial federal election expected in October. The inquiries allow long-ignored victims to be heard: the electio…

November 2012 – CLArion newsletter:
CLA to develop performance measures for
police, crime bodies to report effectiveness

In an opportunity with national significance, CLA will help a NSW Parliamentary Committee develop new performance measures for police and crime bodies so politicians and the public can assess how well they function. As the price of crime goes up, we nee…

October 2012 – CLArion newsletter:
Journos get shields, but citizens suffer as
politicians choose police over people

Issues of shield laws for journalists, police plans for draconian data retention/snooping regimes and the need for better drug testing standards and patent protections dominate concerns for this period. Overall, it seems politicians continue to fail cit…

September 2012 – CLArion newsletter
CLA asks Human Rights Committee to define Aussie rights from Conventions

CLA President, Dr Kristine Klugman, has formally asked the chair of the new Human Rights Committee, former Speaker Harry Jenkins, for his committee to define what the peoples rights are, based on the seven major Conventions Australia has ratified. The d…

June 2012 Newsletter
It’s official: Justice Minister does exactly
what the police tell him to do…always!

Abandoning all previous pretexts to the contrary, federal Justice Minister Clare has admitted he does exactly what he’s told by the police. That includes giving police the power to ban people from working and earning their living based only on &quot…

April 2012 Newsletter:
Lack of choice over see-through scanners
is part of mixed bag of liberties/freedoms

The Australian Government will inflict see-through airport scanners on Australians mid-year, in a move totally unjustified on facts, figures and research conducted here in Australia and overseas: CLA continues to fight for a ‘pat down’ choice at the ver…