Annual Report 2010

This is the seventh annual report of Civil Liberties Australia Inc, registered association no. A04043, trading as and known as Civil Liberties Australia, or CLA. This annual report report covers the period from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2010…

Call for Notice of Motions

A formal call for Notice of Motion(s) to financial members of CLA has been made for this year’s electronic Annual General Meeting 2011. This call for motions is now closed.Update: No motions were received for consideration at the forthcoming eAGM

eVoting in the eAGM 11

e-Voting will be available at this year’s electronic Annual General Meeting (eAGM) for financial members of CLA.
For e-voting, each CLA member must have a personal email address (rather than, say, one email address covering two or three members of a fa…

CLA electronic AGM 2011

Civil Liberties Australia is holding its electronic annual general meeting (eAGM) process between 31 January and 10 April 2011.

This year’s ‘electronic annual general meeting’…or eAGM involves the election of office bearers as their term expires…