Declaration of AGM of CLA held in 2020

The annual general meeting of members of Civil Liberties Australia Inc (CLA). was conducted over February-March 2020. It comprised a vote to make minor changes to the CLA Constitution to align wholly with a Model Constitution of the ACT, and votes to approve the 2019 Annual Report, Treasurer’s Financial Statement and President’s Report. Some 43% of members voted: all who voted approved all items up for voting. The detailed figures and a wide range of the comments made by members with their votes are in the DECLARATION OF POLL document.

Declaration of CLA’s 2019 Annual General Meeting and comments

More than half the Members eligible to vote took part in the Annual General Meeting, held in March 2019, of Civil Liberties Australia. CLA holds its AGM electronically and by post so that Members scattered throughout Australia can participate. Many Members also commented on how the organisation is operating – their comments are included with the formal Declaration of the AGM process.

Report/minutes – declaration – of CLA Annual General Meeting 2018

The formal results are in for the Civil Liberties Australia Annual General Meeting, held in 2018, covering the 2017 calendar year reporting period. The report shows about 52% of members voted, overwhelmingly positively, and most members who commented had nice things to say about how the organisation is going and the job the directors are doing.