Learning lessons from the slaughter

As the debate about Australia’s war history continues, it’s important to take note of diverse views…including from the views of those who believe the main lessons are being ignored. 19 May 2015

Who obeys the law, wins

Did special forces or other soldiers violently strip, cover with hoods, and threaten with anal rape when apprehending non-violent protesters in Australia. We’re keen to know answers. 4 Nov 2014

Diverse groups ask for more thought

Diverse interests, from Muslim groups to CLA, have combined to ask the government to delay its latest tranche of terror laws to allow more consideration and consultation. 16 Oct 2014

How broadly do our soldiers bear rights?

Are soldiers robots, doing their masters’ bidding without sentient thought, or are they ’employees’ in the sense of having individual and workplace rights? The question is not just academic, lecturer Dr Ned Dobos says, because the answer could have sign…

Professor Marilyn Lake, author, says:

Professor Marilyn Lake. Co-author with Henry Reynolds, Mark McKenna and Joy Damousi of What’s Wrong with Anzac? The Militarization of Australian History, UNSW Press, 2010.
What did our Diggers Fight For?  Marilyn Lake
Any answer to this question…

Geoffrey Robertson, human rights lawyer, says:

Geoffrey Robertson, human rights lawyer
‘The right thing to do at the time…’

Geoffrey Robertson, noted international human rights lawyer:
Words in commemoration of my great-uncle Bob and his mates…
(when unveiling a plaque at Bapaume in Franc…

What did – do – our Diggers fight for?

People will often say, about liberties and rights and freedoms: “That’s what our Diggers fought for!” But what have Aussie ‘Diggers’ fought for over 100-plus years: what are they fighting for now? We’re seeking the views of some prominent Australi…

John Molony, chair, Emeritus Faculty, ANU says:

John Molony, chair, Emeritus Faculty, ANU; former Professor of History
Diggers fight mostly for their mates when the fight is on. When wars were ‘declared’ we could say this or that was what the nation fought for. Nowadays the Prime Minister decides a…

Humphrey McQueen, historian says:

More to remember…
Australians have gone to wars for as many reasons as we have opposed conscription.
During the Vietnam Moratorium in Newcastle in 1971, the march paused at a war memorial outside the Post Office on Hunter Street for an elderly min…

Keith McEwan says:

Diggers, traditionally, have been the key players in the wars that have involved Australia. Diggers did not go to foreign countries to dig in the potato fields. They were soldiers who went overseas to fight the “enemy&rdquo…